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Inside the headquarters of Mignon Faget

Yesterday and Today: Rabbit

Animal Crackers RabbitAnimal Crackers Rabbit

Mignon presented her whimsical Animal Crackers in 1975. This collection was inspired by the boxes of popular animal cracker cookies that Mignon loved as a child. Mignon notes, “Humor, whimsy, childhood nostalgia motivated my Animal Cracker designs.  With the animal crackers, my aim has been to best express each animal in terms of a certain naïve simplicity and humor.”  Mignon has reimagined her enchanting Rabbit designs in a soft pink stone and as a tiny version of itself with this year’s Petit Lapin designs. Shop all Animal Cracker designs here.

Special Commissions: Louisiana Iris

Louisiana Iris, Special Commission, 2005
Louisiana Iris NecklaceThe symbol of the fleur de lis is derived from the Iris, the native wildflower of Louisiana.  The Iris is said to have bloomed from the tears of Eve as she was driven from the Garden of Eden.  The Iris and the Fleur de Lis designs carry special sentiments for all Louisiana residents.  The Louisiana Iris was originally designed in 2005 as a special commission for First Lady Laura Bush’s Congressional Club luncheon.  After Hurricane Katrina, Mignon revisited the design in the form of the Louisiana Iris Necklace and it has been a favorite amongst collectors ever since. Read more »