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Inside the headquarters of Mignon Faget

Staffer Style Picks: Mardi Gras

We asked our sales staff at the Lakeside Mall gallery for their top Mardi Gras jewelry picks. Here is what they had to say…

Mardi Gras Charm Bracelet

Mardi Gras Charm Bracelet

“I just love the Mardi Gras Charm Bracelet because it tells a  story about  Mardi Gras!   its also a great  conversation piece,every charm represents something true to Nola during this particular time of the year. Its fun and promotes having a good time!  If you do not live in New Orleans, its a great way to remember your stay here and the good time you had!  and if you live in New Orleans it will help to look forward to the next Mardi Gras”

-Michele, Assistant Manager


“I always enjoy showing and selling the crownAnything crown.  When you wear a crown it makes you feel very special.  Which we all are.  Happy Mardi Gras and wear your crowns with pride.”

-Gayle, Sales Associate

Crown Amethyst Dangles

Crown Amethyst Dangles

Crown Champagne Freshwater Pearl and Amethyst Necklace

Crown Champagne Freshwater Pearl and Amethyst Necklace

Found Objects: Q + A with Doug Gitter

Doug Gitter’s Clementine Hunter ceramics collection is one of our favorites featured in Mignon’s Found Objects. We chatted with Gitter to learn more about the story behind his designs.


How did you decide to become an artist? Are you formally trained or was it a hobby that transformed into a career?

I have been a passionate collector of self-taught contemporary American Folk Art for over twenty five years. In the 1980’s while others were meeting for drinks during law school discussing famous court rulings I was traveling around the country primarily in the South meeting with several folk artists. Their lives were so interesting to me. Their art spoke to me and moved me. In many cases, they had no idea they had created a piece of art, they were merely expressing a feeling from within, possibly something they remembered from their own childhood. I do not consider myself an artist. I could never compete with Clementine Hunter’s great works. Rather, I am a designer. I took her two dimensional works and developed a three dimensional line of handmade ceramic serving platters and bowls. We added relief to each piece (which forms a textured surface) so that not only would the buyer realize that each piece was hand painted but also to allow perspective purchasers of the work to feel the movement of each piece. Each piece has its own distinct shape. There are 9 styles in all. We plan to add an additional 6 or so pieces by August of 2014. I have no formal training in art. I strictly appreciate great art. Clementine Hunter is considered by many to be the black Grandma Moses. Her original works are the The Smithsonian, The American Folk Art Museum in NYC, The Louvre in Paris, and countless other museums and private collections around the world including Oprah Winfrey and Joan Rivers.

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Found Objects

We are excited to present the newest addition to our website, Found Objects. Found Objects is a highly curated collection of lifestyle objects designed by artists whose work Mignon has grown to highly respect. Of the designs, Mignon says “These pieces work well with me, in my world. I use them daily in my home, my routine. These objects seamlessly blend with my personal style and taste and work well with the essence of me.”

All Found Objects are Mignon’s personal selections, objects that she stumbled upon one way or another. Found Objects have infiltrated into her lifestyle because of their aesthetic or functional qualities. The objects chosen to be a part of Found Objects are all of a similar caliber, quality and beauty as Mignon’s work.

Staffer Style Picks: Valentine’s Day

There is still time to find the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! To provide some inspiration, we asked our sales staff at the 3801 Magazine Street gallery for their top Valentine’s Day jewelry picks. Here is what they had to say…

Arianne Valentine's Day Post“I’d love to receive the Cupid’s Arrows Pin for Valentine’s Day! I’m not much of a heart girl and the arrow is a cute alternative- a Valentine’s Day symbol to wear throughout the year. The design is not necessarily sweet. You can style it to make it look a little tougher, kind of rocker chic!”

-Arianne, Sales Associate

Arianne Valentine's Day Close Up


Kelly Valentine's Day post

“I’m hoping to add a few Thorn Pendants to my growing collection. I love Mignon’s theory behind her Thorn designs- the wearer becomes the rose. It is such a romantic notion! I wear my Thorn Pendants on a chain and treat them as an “Add a pendant” collection. I like to get a thorn for special life moments or occasions to remember!”

-Kelly, Sales Associate

Kelly Valentine's Day Close Up


Leslie Valentine's Day“I love the Intaglio Heart Charm Bracelet. The bracelet is beautiful and Mignon’s inspiration behind the design is so meaningful.  The Intaglio Heart Charm Bracelet came out in 2005 which was a memorable year for the city of New Orleans. The design symbolizes recovery, endurance and love- it is a classic piece that every Mignon Faget collector should own.”

-Leslie, Direct Response + Customer Service Manager



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