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Inside the headquarters of Mignon Faget

In The Windows: Mignon Faget believes love is in the air

lakeside valentines overview

 For our 2015 Valentine’s Day displays we decided to choose the theme of love letters.  Love letters are a timeless expression of love.  To the first Valentine you give your secret crush as a child, to the grown up love letters sent when people are far apart and the sweet notes you leave your special someone, letters play an important role in any love story.

lakeside heart paint treatment

A large red heart paint treatment was added to the windows to highlight the new heart collections designed specifically for Valentines Day.  New pieces include the wish ring necklace updated in to a new heart shape, the LUZ heart necklace available in white pearl, pink pearl, pearl chain, and 14k gold.

We also added a bag full of “love letters” to the bottom portion of the window, because there is just that much extra love in the world to go around.

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                                    #Mignon faget believes love is in the air

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