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Mignon Faget Awards and Honors

 MIGNON FAGET Awards + Honors

Artist and designer Mignon Faget has been recognized throughout her career for her philanthropic efforts.  She has created exclusive designs for fundraising purposes to aid various organizations such as the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, New Orleans Museum of Art, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans Ballet Association, Newcomb College, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and Arts Council of New Orleans.  She donated the building that housed her gallery on Dublin Street and has  created a series of wearable ornaments to benefit the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans.  Faget collaborated with the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation to aid in the rebuilding of the historic New Canal Lighthouse.  Currently some of her designs benefit Woodlands Trail and Park and the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana to help save Louisiana’s wetlands.

In addition, she has received many outstanding awards and honors.

2010            Love in the Garden, Artist Honoree

Awarded by the New Orleans Museum of Art to celebrated local artists.


2009            New Orleans City Business Women of the Year, Hall of Fame

Awarded to top female business leaders.


2008            People’s Health Champion  Recognition of the exceptional achievements of New Orleans area residents age 65 and older, in collaboration with the New Orleans Saints.


2006            JCK Luxury Magazine   2006 Designer of the Year.  Selected by  Jewelers Circular Keystone Magazine for “Profiles in Design” in the fourth annual Designer Issue.  The special feature represents some of the industry’s most noteworthy designers and the diversity, creativity and integrity of the design community as a whole.


Louisiana Legends Award  Hosted by Friends of Louisiana Public                             Broadcasting, the Louisiana Legends Awards Gala is a fundraising and public awareness project that draws support and participation from Friends across the state that appreciates the many fine instructional, educational and cultural programs LPB provides.


New Orleans City Business Women of the Year  Awarded to top female business leaders.


Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation  Recognized for outstanding contribution by Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu and LCEF.


Newcomb College Outstanding Alumnae  Recognized for post Katrina contributions to the city.


2005            Tulane University Emeritus Award  Recognition of outstanding alumni during 50 Year Class Reunion.


Congressional Club  Featured artist for First Lady Laura Bush’s annual luncheon in Washington, D.C.


2003            Woman of Substance   Annual award to women known for their contributions to the well-being of the community.  Sponsored by Grace House, a civic group devoted to drug rehabilitation among women.

Fashion Group International   New Orleans chapter of the world-wide organization of professional executives in all phases of the fashion industry.  It sponsors an annual competition among its members.  The Alpha Award is the highest recognition, then the Silver and Bronze Awards.


In 2003:  Three Alpha Awards, two Silver and six Bronze Awards.


2002            Fashion Group International    Five Alpha Awards, four Silver and four                              Bronze

Strength In Age Artistic Special Achievement Award  Sponsored by the LouisianaStateUniversity’s Health Sciences Center Award given                                     annually to those who are active and successful in business, cultural and civic affairs.


2001            Mayor’s Arts Award  Sponsored by the Arts Council of Greater New                         Orleans.  Recognition of individual contributions to the city through                            various art disciplines and involvement in civic and cultural activities


Fashion Group International   Seven Alpha Awards, three Silver, two Bronze.


2000            Fashion Group International   One Alpha Award, three Silver, five                          Bronze.


1999            Fashion Group International   Two Alpha Awards, five Silver, two                            Bronze.


1998            The Lantern Award    Louisiana’s highest commendation of                                   manufacturers of various kinds.  Sponsored by City of New Orleans and                   Entergy Economic Development Group.


1997            Fashion Group International    Five Alpha Awards, two Silver, one                          Bronze.


1996           Contemporary Arts Center Silver Circle Artist of the Year.   One artist                      selected each year to design a gift toSilver Circle members, those who                      are major donors to this important arts center.


1995           Achiever Award    Recognition of notable success in woman-owned                         creative enterprise.  Sponsored by the Women Business Owners                                Association.


1994            Addy Award     Highest award by the Advertising Club of New Orleans                             for a catalogue of contemporary candidate’s jewelry designs hand-crafted in precious metals and semi-precious gemstones.  Certificate of Merit for a series of mailers presenting jewelry designs.


1994           Fashion Group International    Three Alpha Awards, six Bronze


1993            Addy Award      Highest award recognition of excellence in design of                      catalogue presenting jewelry designs.  Presented by the Advertising Club of New Orleans.


1992            Addy Award       Six separate Addy Awards for television commercial                      presenting the candidate as the artist developing her work in order then to offer it to her collectors.


Fashion Group International     Four Alpha Awards, three Silver and two Bronze.


1991            Addy Award     Recognition of Romanesque Return catalogue, a full-color presentation of this jewelry collection based on an historic building inNew Orleans.  Catalogue contains an essay by the director of the New Orleans Museum of Art, among others, commenting on the creativity of the jewelry collection.

1990            Fashion Group International    Two Alpha Awards,  two Silver, two                          Bronze.


1988            Role Model Award, Entrepreneurship     Recognition by the Young                           Leadership Council of successful achievement in this creative field.


Role Model Award     Presented by the Young Women’s Christian                           Association in Acknowledgement of candidate’s success in the field of                            design and her importance as a leader in the community and a role                             model for aspiring young women.

Fashion Group International    One Alpha Award, one Silver and one Bronze.


1987            Lifetime Achievement Award       Acknowledgement of candidate’s                          successful career in the world of design as well as of entrepreneurship.               Presented by candidate’s peers in Fashion Group International.


1986            Newcomb College Centennial Award      Presented to 15 outstanding                     alumnae in recognition of their achievements on the occasion of the centennial celebration of H. Sophie Newcomb College of Tulane University.

Academy of the Sacred Heart   Outstanding Alumna Centennial Award.

Fashion Group International   Three Alpha Awards, one Bronze.


1985            Business Hall of Fame Award     One of five executives honored for                         excellence in entrepreneurship.  Awardees selected from nominations by the Chamber of Commerce/New Orleans and the River Region, the International House and the Louisiana Young Presidents Organization.  First woman to receive this award.

Fashion Group International   One Alpha Award, one Silver.