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Notes from Amina

Monthly musings from the desk of Amina, Mignon Faget’s VP of Sales & Marketing. Read what she jotted down for September’s Notes from Amina …

feather_peace_wishbone_wish ring_green background

Autumn in New Orleans is a bit different than autumn in the rest of the country. Yes, it is football season and the kids are back in school, but when autumn begins in New Orleans it’s still 91 degrees, sno ball stands are still open, and thankfully there are no leaves to rake. I’m in the process of transitioning my wardrobe from summer to fall. I’m one of those people who’ve created arbitrary rules about what I will and won’t wear after September 22nd. I pack away my sandals, florals, and brights and dust off my knits, leggings, and boots.

Something that I’m also transitioning this season is my Wish Ring Necklace. All summer I was channeling the beach with my Wish Ring. My charm selection featured the sea urchin, crab, and auger charms. For fall, I’m going back to nature and sporting the feather, lily, and large thorn charm. Over summer I wore the 22” Wish Ring Necklace, but for fall I’m obsessed with the menswear trend which required me to rethink my length. I’m switching to the 16” Wish Ring so that it accentuates my neckline and falls right below my collar bone when I’m in my blazers and collared shirts.