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Notes From Amina

Monthly musings from the desk of Amina, Mignon Faget’s VP of Sales & Marketing. Read what she jotted down for June’s Notes from Amina…


I like to change my jewelry with the seasons. When the weather warms up, I look for pieces that make me feel like I’m on a beach somewhere, even if I’m sitting at my desk. The pieces that I covet the most are ones that will take me from the office to the beach, jewelry that looks as good with a maxi dress on casual Friday as it does when I hit the beach on Saturday morning. Dauphin Island, Alabama is my favorite beach getaway, and my trip isn’t complete unless I’ve stopped by Bayley’s Seafood on Dauphin Island Parkway for West Indies salad, and visited The Estuarium to learn more about the ecosystems that thrive on the Gulf Coast. Whichever beach you visit this summer, look chic by keeping your style effortless, colorful, and of course waterproof! Click through for my suggestions…

Swimsuit jewelry: John Humphries Halo Bangle


I live in John Humphries Halo bangles. I wear them to sleep, in the shower, even while I’m working out. They are the perfect summer find because you can stack them on in multiples (I wear 6), they come in a rainbow of colors, and they can withstand tough wear and still look amazing.

Keeping the sand on the beach: Dublin Street Pouch


Sand can sneak into the most inconvenient places, only to be discovered when you dump the contents of your beach bag out to find everything from your lip gloss to your ear buds covered in it. The Dublin Street pouch is large enough to hold all of your necessities and has a zipper that will keep that pesky sand off of your iPhone.

Post beach cleaning tips: Jewelry Sac & Polishing Cloth

Saltwater can wreak havoc on jewelry. The two items that are always in my weekend bag are my jewelry sac and a couple of polishing cloths. The anti-tarnish interior of the jewelry sack keeps my sterling silver jewelry bright until I’m ready to wear it, and the polishing cloths are great for getting jewelry back to its pre-sunblock state. Check out Mignon Faget’s Jewelry Care page for more tips on keeping your jewelry in great shape.

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