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Inside the headquarters of Mignon Faget

Headquarters Tour with Alicia Tenise

Ever wondered what our headquarters looks like?

You ask us all of the time what the inside of this bank building looks like now that it houses a nationally recognized jewelry brand. We took up the lucky opportunity to give popular blogger, Alicia Tenise, a personal tour of our headquarters. Take a look:

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Alicia received an exclusive look at Mignon Faget’s personal office. Meet Mignon

The first floor contains large co-working spaces for our sales & marketing team. After you pass the old bank vault door, you officially enter our production space where we track inventory. After a short trip upstairs, you get to the second floor, where we make every piece of Mignon Faget jewelry.

This is where pretty much any chain you can dream of exists in large continuous rolls. 

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Thanks for touring with us, Alicia — we hope you loved your stay in New Orleans!