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Inside the headquarters of Mignon Faget

Visit Gullah Festival with Mignon

On a May afternoon in the lowlands of South Carolina, Gullah Festival is in full swing. Okra gumbo, conch stew, and candied yams fill the air with the enticing smells of the sea and garden. A display of wooden masks and baskets woven from sweetgrass greets the eye. The sound of a drum floats through the crowd and mingles with the musical voice of a Gullah storyteller. The annual festival celebrates the culture and heritage of the Gullah (Geechee) people, communities comprised of African-Americans living in the Sea Islands and Coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia, also known as the Low Country.Gullah Geechee NPS

Mignon Faget has a family home in South Carolina and loves to attend the regional Gullah Festivals when she visits. Besides being a feast for the senses, these annual gatherings sustain the Gullah culture by providing a place to share traditions and a marketplace to help support the community and their artistic and culinary offerings. Last spring, Mignon discovered a display of blue glass beads, strung with sweetgrass and sent the lot of them to her production studio in New Orleans. Each bead has a unique shape and a unique history as former medicine bottles, canning jars, or water jugs.  The beads are formed in clay molds, the resulting surface texture is reminiscent of sea glass that has been tumbled by ocean waves. A beautiful complement to Mignon’s classic SEA collection.


Visit one of Mignon Faget’s five galleries to see the Sterling Silver Moonsnail and Disc Shell returned to the frosty, aquatic hues of the sea when paired with these substantial beads. A perfect adornment for a day at a seaside festival or for those days when you wish you were there. 

DISC MESH NECKLACE from the SEA Collection