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Inside the headquarters of Mignon Faget

The Magnolia Ball – Update!

Mignon had a wonderful time at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s Magnolia Ball, enjoying a fun night of festive music, southern food, and celebration of the arts in the south.

It was an honor to be recognized and to show off the Romanesque Return collection!

Mignon is pictured here with directors and committee members of the Ogen Museum of Southern Art's Magnolia Ball

Mignon with The Ogden Museum Director and Board Members


The Magnolia Ball

Ogden Museum’s Inaugural Magnolia Ball to Honor Mignon Faget

 The Ogden Museum of Southern Art is honoring Mignon Faget at the inaugural Magnolia Ball on Friday, June 20th.

The Magnolia Ball benefits the Center for Southern Craft and Design at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, which serves to highlight the artistic contributions of craft artists and designers from the American South.

 “The event itself is an opportunity to recognize the outstanding contributions of an artist who represents this important facet of the Ogden Museum’s mission and story of the American South,” says director William Andrews.

“In the inaugural year, it seemed very fitting to present this award to Mignon Faget, whose work is a stunning expression and celebration of this ideal.”

Magnolia Ball

Mignon Faget Awards and Honors

 MIGNON FAGET Awards + Honors

Artist and designer Mignon Faget has been recognized throughout her career for her philanthropic efforts.  She has created exclusive designs for fundraising purposes to aid various organizations such as the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, New Orleans Museum of Art, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans Ballet Association, Newcomb College, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and Arts Council of New Orleans.  She donated the building that housed her gallery on Dublin Street and has  created a series of wearable ornaments to benefit the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans.  Faget collaborated with the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation to aid in the rebuilding of the historic New Canal Lighthouse.  Currently some of her designs benefit Woodlands Trail and Park and the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana to help save Louisiana’s wetlands.

In addition, she has received many outstanding awards and honors.

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