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Inside the headquarters of Mignon Faget


Monthly musings from the desk of Amina, Mignon Faget’s VP of Sales & Marketing. Read on to see what she jotted down for February’s Notes from Amina …


I had a friend in town from New York last weekend that had never been to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. We discussed the whole history of Mardi Gras from doubloons to krewes and the difference between being neutral ground side vs. sidewalk side. The only version of Mardi Gras that she’d ever seen was on television so I felt like it was my duty as a New Orleanian to show her the ropes or rather the beads!


We started at the Haydel’s Pop Up Shop and sampled King Cake, walked down to Sucre and sampled King Cake (it was a taste test and we did walk), popped in Storyville to get her a Nola Love King Cake shirt and then went down to Tchop to see the floats as they began lining up. Sometimes I forget that I’m fortunate enough to live in a place where Mardi Gras is actually a season. Screaming for the Femme Fatales Krewe to throw us something, making friends with our parade neighbors, and of course eating our weight in King Cake were experiences that my friend never would have gotten from just watching Mardi Gras on TV.  Here’s to a happy and safe Mardi Gras season and if you’re riding this year I’ll be sidewalk side around Harmony and St. Charles. Look for the lady with an arm full of beads and a piece of king cake wearing a string of king cake dolls.

Staffer Style Picks: New Fleur de Lis

We have been releasing a handful of new Fleur de Lis jewelry designs this month! We asked some of our staff members about their favorite new pieces. Here is what they had to say…

Amina Fleur de Lis Picks

The Fleur de Lis Intaglio was the first Mignon Faget gift I ever received. As a transplant to New Orleans wearing my Fleur de Lis jewelry always reminds me that I am very fortunate to be a part of this amazing city.


-Amina, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Amina Fleur de Lis Picks

Sarah Fleur de Lis Picks

The Sheared Fleur de Lis is such an elegant design. The new petite version of the design transforms it to a super delicate and sophisticated everyday item!


Sarah Fleur De Lis Picks

Coeli Fleur de Lis PicksI love a dangle earring with a little shimmer and sparkle. The blue Swarovski crystals add a whole new element of bling to the Fleur de Lis Dangle… and they match my Fleur de Lis Stations Necklace and Charm Bracelet perfectly. 

-Coeli, Marketing and PR Manager

Coeli Fleur de Lis Picks

Check out the rest of Mignon Faget’s Fleur de Lis designs to find the piece that speaks to you.

Notes from Amina

Monthly musings from the desk of Amina, Mignon Faget’s VP of Sales & Marketing. Read what she jotted down for September’s Notes from Amina …

feather_peace_wishbone_wish ring_green background

Autumn in New Orleans is a bit different than autumn in the rest of the country. Yes, it is football season and the kids are back in school, but when autumn begins in New Orleans it’s still 91 degrees, sno ball stands are still open, and thankfully there are no leaves to rake. I’m in the process of transitioning my wardrobe from summer to fall. I’m one of those people who’ve created arbitrary rules about what I will and won’t wear after September 22nd. I pack away my sandals, florals, and brights and dust off my knits, leggings, and boots.

Something that I’m also transitioning this season is my Wish Ring Necklace. All summer I was channeling the beach with my Wish Ring. My charm selection featured the sea urchin, crab, and auger charms. For fall, I’m going back to nature and sporting the feather, lily, and large thorn charm. Over summer I wore the 22” Wish Ring Necklace, but for fall I’m obsessed with the menswear trend which required me to rethink my length. I’m switching to the 16” Wish Ring so that it accentuates my neckline and falls right below my collar bone when I’m in my blazers and collared shirts.

Wish Upon A Charm…


Give your charm bracelet a break. After years of offering her favorite charms for charm bracelets, Mignon decided that it was time to change it up! Her newest design, the Wish Ring Necklace, features a sleek sterling silver hoop that serves as a contemporary backdrop for a timeless charm collection. The greatest part? You can customize this piece to suit your unique style and change the look everyday by swapping out different charms. For a chic, classic look, 16 and 18 inch versions are available. A longer, 22″ chain version is available for those who like a more bohemian look. Mix and match your favorite charms, collect and add new designs to mark your memories and wishes and curate your charm and pendant collection for a look all your own. Mignon Faget’s galleries and online store have over thirty charms and pendants from which you can choose. We’ve already filled our Wish Rings with all of our favorites – from the Streetcar Charm to the Petite Wishbone Pendant, we just can’t get enough. So wish on people, and get in on New Orleans latest trend, the Wish Ring Necklace!


Notes from Amina

Monthly musings from the desk of Amina, Mignon Faget’s VP of Sales & Marketing. Read what she jotted down for July’s Notes from Amina …


A butterfly in flight at the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium.

July in New Orleans is one of my favorite months to be in the city. The weather makes everyone move a little slower, sno balls are readily available, and you can get a reservation at just about any restaurant. When it’s this time of year I like to act like a tourist and visit all of the places that I avoid when the weather is cooler and droves of people descend on the city. At least twice this summer you’ll find me at the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium. To pay homage to the bugs that I’m going to visit, I make an effort to wear my favorite pieces from the HIVE collection. HIVE is perfect for summer because the open design makes it airy and light even in the most humid weather.

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Notes From Amina

Monthly musings from the desk of Amina, Mignon Faget’s VP of Sales & Marketing. Read what she jotted down for June’s Notes from Amina…


I like to change my jewelry with the seasons. When the weather warms up, I look for pieces that make me feel like I’m on a beach somewhere, even if I’m sitting at my desk. The pieces that I covet the most are ones that will take me from the office to the beach, jewelry that looks as good with a maxi dress on casual Friday as it does when I hit the beach on Saturday morning. Dauphin Island, Alabama is my favorite beach getaway, and my trip isn’t complete unless I’ve stopped by Bayley’s Seafood on Dauphin Island Parkway for West Indies salad, and visited The Estuarium to learn more about the ecosystems that thrive on the Gulf Coast. Whichever beach you visit this summer, look chic by keeping your style effortless, colorful, and of course waterproof! Click through for my suggestions…

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Jenee Said Quoi, April 2014

History Faget (1)Jenee of stopped by our headquarters during a recent visit to New Orleans and picked up a few Mignon Faget Destination Collection handbags to wear around her New York City neighborhood! Click through to read more. 


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