2008 Bamboo


Bamboo, one of the world’s fastest growing woody plants, is abundant not only in Louisiana but also in Mignon’s garden. Today the plant enjoys new-found respect as an environmentally sustainable product used in textiles and building materials. In Bamboo, Mignon focuses on the plant’s node as its essential element of strength and energy.  Bamboo pays homage to this giant grass for its expression of peace, serenity and persistence.


2006 Ironworks


Ironworks and Ironworks II celebrate the ironwork of the French Quarter; the Cabildo and Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré. Faget’s Marcellino collar and cuff bracelet were inspired by the balconies of the Cabildo. These pieces were named after Marcellino Hernandez, a Canary Islands native credited with forging the Cabildo railings and other Vieux Carré ironwork, including that of Le Petit Théâtre, in the 1790s. For Faget, the city’s decorative ironwork is a metaphor for the resoluteness and fortitude that characterize her fellow citizens and their culture. Faget regards the Ironworks and Interlacement collections as an expression of her deep faith in the city’s recovery post-Katrina, the devastating hurricane of 2005. Shop Collection



2001 Opus


Mignon views the ring in its circular, unending arrangement as a symbol of unity and eternity, friendship and love. Her Ŏpus collection was created with custom-cut stones and hand selected pearls. “Ŏpus began with the ring,” explains Faget, which is “often the most intimate and meaningful piece of jewelry. Here I was not working within a theme but rather being driven by the stone.”