2013 HEIR


Heir reveals the strength and beautiful form of a seemingly delicate source. I endeavored to transform memories and ephemeral materials into tangible objects of lasting value. Inspired by lacework, these new creations re-examine fashion traditions and explore the heirloom in a personal and modern direction.


2013 Lafayette Gallery Opening

Lafayette Gallery Opening

Mignon Faget opened a new gallery in time for the 2012 Christmas season in Parc Lafayette, in Lafayette, LA.


2012 Bicentennial


Mignon frequently re-visits past designs, particularly those specifically associated with the State of Louisiana. The Bicentennial Collection celebrates the 200th anniversary of the state’s acceptance into the Union. Sales of this collection benefit the Louisiana Bicentennial and the Louisiana Historical Legacy.


2011 Hive


The Hive Collection is a study of nature’s starkly geometric honeycomb pattern and a nod to the industrious nature of the bee.  Hive features a simplistic distilling of the honeycomb pattern, softened with accents of honey crystal, freshwater pearl and silk ribbon.  Throughout her career, Faget has looked to forms found in nature for inspiration. “As HIVE evolved I started to comprehend how the transference to silver and gold informed and enhanced this ordered hexagonal form…” Faget says. Shop Collection


2010 Historic New Orleans Collection

Historic New Orleans Collection

In 2010, the Historic New Orleans Collection celebrated the life and work of Mignon Faget with an exhibit examining her life’s work.  “Mignon Faget: A Life in Art and Design,” displayed hundreds of objects—including jewelry, prints, linoleum blocks, drawings, glassware, and textiles—to explore the remarkable career of the fifth-generation New Orleanian.