2006 Ironworks


Ironworks and Ironworks II celebrate the ironwork of the French Quarter; the Cabildo and Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré. Faget’s Marcellino collar and cuff bracelet were inspired by the balconies of the Cabildo. These pieces were named after Marcellino Hernandez, a Canary Islands native credited with forging the Cabildo railings and other Vieux Carré ironwork, including that of Le Petit Théâtre, in the 1790s. For Faget, the city’s decorative ironwork is a metaphor for the resoluteness and fortitude that characterize her fellow citizens and their culture. Faget regards the Ironworks and Interlacement collections as an expression of her deep faith in the city’s recovery post-Katrina, the devastating hurricane of 2005. Shop Collection


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