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Mignon Faget Collections



HIVE II– HIVE II builds on 2011’s HIVE Collection softened with accents of honey crystals, freshwater pearl and silk ribbon.  Collection includes a statement bib necklace, shoulder duster earrings and stackable rings.

Knot Mesh Lariats– A classic design revived with a contemporary material.

HIVE HOME– Stemless glassware with 24K Gold detail, Fruit bowl and pastry plate, embossed porcelain with hand painted gold luster,  Napkin Rings, gold- plated pewter.

Pitot House AdornAment – Pitot House is an 18th century Creole colonial country home located on Bayou St. John.  The style of the Pitot House is ensuite, with no hallways and an outdoor stairway.  One of the most prominent residents of the house was James Pitot, the first mayor of New Orleans after the city’s incorporation.  This AdornAment benefits the Louisiana Landmarks Pitot House.

 Louisiana State Capitol AdornAment – Huey P. Long initiated construction of the Louisiana State Capitol building in December of 1930.  The Louisiana Capitol is an example of architecture as literature.  The sculpture, relief work and ornamentation communicate the history and commerce of Louisiana.


HIVE– Based on the natural, serial structure of a beehive, the HIVE Collection consists of designs of geometric harmony in sterling silver and, for the first time, in 18K gold.  Most of the designs are embellished with honey crystals, pyrite and rare color-change garnet.  Collection includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

HIVE HOME– Porcelain Nesting Bowls, Hand-blown Glass Candle Holders, Handprinted Italian Marble Coasters & Trivets, Hand-blown Layered Glass Vases.

 Magnolia Bridge AdornAment – The Magnolia Bridge brings together both sides of the Bayou St. John neighborhood.  It is an iron swing bridge, built in the late 1800’s, converted to a pedestrian bridge in the 1970’s.  The Magnolia Bridge AdornAment benefits the Re-Bridge – Bayou St. John Restoration Project.

 Milton H. Latter Library AdornAment – Mignon Faget pays tribute to the Milton H. Latter Memorial Library.  A beaux arts jewel, the library was built in 1907 and donated to the city in 1948.  The AdornAment benefits the Friends of the New Orleans Public Library.

 Louisiana Bicentennial AdornAment – Celebrating 200 years of Louisiana statehood, 1812-2012.  This adornament feature the Pelican of Piety design inspired by a relief on the State Capitol Building.   The Bicentennial AdornAment benefits the Louisiana Bicentennial and the Louisiana Historical Legacy in its efforts to educate state residents in Louisiana history .



ARCHIVAL– A re-visiting of past designs chosen for their beauty, timelessness, and the meaningful role they played during Mignon’s 40 years of design.

Raised Center Hall Cottage AdornAment – The nineteenth in a series of wearable ornaments. Raised Center Hall Cottage are found in various neighborhood throughout New Orleans.  Also known as Villas, they were built as a smaller, city imitation of the French Colonial plantation houses between 1803 – 1870.



GEMMA – The GEMMA Collection celebrates the ritual of wearing gemstones personal to your birth month.  This tradition returns to Ancient cultures when mystical meaning was attached to stones representing constellations and months of the year. Collection includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Sno Ball AdornAment – A wearable Christmas ornament celebrating a New Orleans icon in frosty favorites spearmint, grape, strawberry and coconut for the holiday season.

Treble Clef High Note  AdornAment – A wearable Christmas ornament celebrating jazz, the music of New Orleans. Inscribed on the back of each design is “Do you know what it means…” to express our love for the city.

Treme Villa Meilleur AdornAment – The Meilleur-Goldwaith House was built in 1828 by Simon Meilleur.  Also known as Treme Villa, it was the site of the city’s first brickyard and is said to be the finest example of Creole villa construction in New Orleans.  The Treme Villa Meilleur AdornAment benefits The Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans and The New Orleans African American Museum.



BAMBOO – Inspired by an indigenous plant toNew Orleans andSouthern Louisiana.  BAMBOO focuses on the node, the joint of the culm.  Close detail of the natural forms are occasionally highlighted with a natural diamond or peridot.  Freshwater Pearls, crystal and natural bamboo textiles are used for necklaces. Collection includes earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, cufflinks and tux studs.

INTERLACEMENT – A collection of jewelry continuing Faget’s interest in the ironwork of the historic Vieux Carre.  INTERLACEMENT is the study of the gate of the Louisiana State Arsenal, constructed by James H. Dakin in 1839.  Collection includes earrings, cuff bracelets, pendant and rings.

PYLON TILE NECKLACES – Large, custom carved Amethyst, Smokey Quartz and White Quartz continues her PYLON Tile collection.

Creole Cottage AdornAment – The sixteenth in a series of wearable ornaments to benefit the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans.  The Creole Cottage was the dominant housing style in New Orleans during the 1800s.  This architectural style is found throughout New Orleans neighborhoods of the Vieux Carre, Bywater, Faubourg Marigny and Esplanade Ridge.

Shotgun AdornAment – The seventeenth in a series of wearable ornaments to benefit the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans.  The Shotgun House was the predominant New Orleans house type, first built in the second half of the 19th Century.  This architectural style is found throughout historic neighborhoods of the city.

Peace AdornAment – A wearable Christmas ornament celebrating peace and joy.



IRONWORKS II – A collection of jewelry that continues the study of the ironwork of the historic Vieux Carre.  Jewelry designs include Marcellino II Cuff, Serpentine pendants and earrings inspired by the balustrade along the roofline of Le Petit Theatre.  HOME designs include pillow shams, bathrobe and slippers.

PYLON Tile – A collection that revisits Faget’s 1997 PYLON Collection derived from the geometry of the pyramid.  PYLON Tile designs are bolder and stronger.  Collection includes two bracelets and a necklace.

ALPHA Amulets – A collection representing the letters of the alphabet.  Bold letters encased in circles.  A selection of Amulets may be added to the Amulet link bracelet or necklace to customize an original design.

Scarves – The first collection of scarves.  Designs include the Fleur de Lis and Louisiana Iris in silk twill.  A cotton sarong features motifs from SEA and CORALL Collections.

Fleur de Lis Amulet – The classic Fleur de Lis as an amulet, includes pendant, earrings and bracelet.

New Canal Lighthouse AdornAment – The original New Canal Lighthouse was built in 1839 to mark the entrance to theNewBasinCanal atLake Pontchartrain inNew Orleans.  The canal was very important to the maritime commerce of the city.  The lighthouse was rebuilt in 1890 and was a landmark along theNew Orleans lakeshore until it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. This AdornAment benefits the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation.

Rosa Keller Library AdornAment – The fifteenth in a series of wearable ornaments to benefit the Preservation Center of New Orleans.  The Rosa Keller Library is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Broadmoor National Register Historic District.  The Arts and Crafts bungalow was built in 1918 and named for the noted civil rights and women’s rights activist.



IRONWORKS – A collection of jewelry honoring the ironwork that adorns the Cabildo and other historic sites in the Vieux Carré.  This decorative work serves as a metaphor for the resilience and fortitude that has always characterized the people ofNew Orleans.  IRONWORKS includes a collection of jewelry and HOME designs.

Anniversary Amulet – Created to commemorate the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  Enclosed in an amulet, the hurricane symbol is adorned with a Fleur de Lis.  A percentage of sales of this pin and pendant donated to the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation.

Fleur de Lis Intaglio Heart – This design reflects Faget’s true love for her native city.  The heart features an intaglio Fleur de Lis, the ancient French heraldic icon signifying purity, light and life.  It is the symbol forNew Orleans.  Each is engraved on the back with “If Ever I Cease to Love”, the most enduring anthem of Carnival.  This timeless design represents the love for the treasured city ofNew Orleans and its long standing traditions.

Cabildo Ornament –  A detail of the impressive gate at the arcade of the Cabildo, this ornament commemorates one ofLouisiana’s most important historic buildings.  The Cabildo is the site of the signing of theLouisiana Purchase in 1803 and several other notable events.

High Note Ornament – This ornament celebrates jazz, the music ofNew Orleans.  On the back of each design is “Do you know what it means…” to express the love for the city we missed so much in 2005.

Steamboat AdornAment – The fourteenth in a series of wearable ornaments to benefit the Preservation Center of New Orleans.  Steamboat Captain Milton Doullut designed and began work on the first fanciful “Steamboat House” in 1905, inspiring his son to build a twin several years later.  Today, the twin steamboat houses attract visitors from around the worlds to the Holy Cross neighborhood.


Louisiana Iris – Inspired by the native wildflower of Louisiana.  The collection includes a brooch, pendant and necklace.

Tiger Tiger – An addition to the whimsical Animal Crackers Collection. This design was created in celebration of the opening of theMignon Faget gallery inBaton Rouge in December 2005.  Collection includes necklace, bracelet, pendant and key ring.

Garden Pottery –  A collection of garden pottery for interior or exterior.  Each piece is adorned with designs inspired by jewelry collections.  Fleur de Lis from the Louisiana Collection, Acanthus from the  Romanesque Return Collection and Kan from the Zea Collection.

AdornAment 2005 – The thirteenth in a series of wearable ornaments. This  bargeboard cottage in historic Riverbend of uptown New Orleans was built in the late 19th Century. It was the site of the earlyMignon Faget jewelry shop and workroom.Mignon donated her historic cottage to the PRC, the largest building donation in PRC history.

Fleur de Lis Champagne Flutes – Hand etched crystal champagne flutes, set of two.

Fleur de Lis Intaglio – An addition to the popular Fleur de Lis Collection.  Collection includes cuff and ring available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Fleur de Lis Rebirth Pin – This design was created in September of 2005, immediately following Hurricane Katrina, as a fundraising effort for the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation.



Louisiana AdornAment – A commemorative design to celebrate the Bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase.  It is based upon the official seal created for French Colonial Prefect Pierre Clement Laussat as a stamp for French colonial documents at the time of the Louisiana Purchase.

AdornAment 2004 – The twelfth in a series of wearable ornaments, AdornAment 2004 celebrates the lively jazz, unique architecture and colorful history of New Orleans.  This Bungalow Shotgun is the former home of New Orleans’ legendary jazz trumpeter, Henry “Red” Allen.  Located in historic Algiers Point, his home was built in the late 19th century and has been restored through the efforts of the PRC’s African American Heritage Preservation and Operation Comeback programs in collaboration with the New Orleans Crafts Guild.



Corall – Corall draws from deeper in SEA than Faget has ventured before. Corall is designed in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold and mixed with branch coral and freshwater pearls.  The collection includes earrings, pendants, bracelet, cufflinks and several statement necklaces.

OPUS – OPUS expands with a new collection of cuffs and pendants, each set with custom cut stones.

Zamia Cheeseboard – introduced in late Summer 2003 the cheeseboard is an addition to the handcrafted pewter collection.  The cheeseboard is hand finished with Zamia pewter handles and Mignon Faget signature.

AdornAment 2003 – The eleventh in series of wearable ornaments, AdornAment 2003 celebrates thirty years of Preservation Resource Center’s programs.  The Greek Revival double gallery style is representative of a row of three houses built in 1830 onEuterpe Street in the Lower Garden District.  In the 1990’s, PRC’s Christmas in October program (now Rebuilding Together) repaired one house and rebuilt its front galleries.  The two remaining houses were purchased and restored through PRC’s Operation Comeback and Live in a Landmark programs.

Papavera – A jeweled botanical collection.  Through careful study of the Poppy plant, this design symbolizes the capsule found underneath the delicate petals, revealing the beauty beneath the beauty.  Designs are hand crafted in Sterling Silver with Peridot or Imperial Topaz and 14K Gold with Imperial Topaz.  Collection includes earrings, pendant, rings and necklace.

Animal Crackers BABY Sterling – introduced with a Giraffe Feeding Spoon, Rabbit Spoon and Elephant Fork.



Mignon Faget BRIDAL – the launch of a new part of theMignon Faget HOME collection, Bridal is introduced with a set of eight Sterling Silver Bridal Cake Pulls and a Heart Memory Book.

Zamia Pewter – Mignon Faget introduces her classic Zamia design to the Mignon Faget HOME Collection.  This handcrafted pewter collection includes napkin rings (set of two), pate knife and cheese knife.

OPUS – OPUS expands with a new collection of brooches, each set with custom cut stones to create a mood.

Lily – A botanical collection following the true character of the flower.   Lily is introduced with dangle earrings, pendant and stick pin in sterling silver and 14K gold.   Also, a necklace with freshwater pearls and aquamarine accents.

Crown – Mignon Faget transforms her whimsical Crown jewelry design into Crown Double Old Fashions, King & Queen Goblets, a Crown Pitcher and a Crown Memory Book.

 AdornAment 2002 – The tenth in a series of wearable ornaments AdornAment 2002 commemorates thePreservationResourceCenter’s celebration of the history of jazz inNew Orleans.  The Eagle Saloon building, located onSouth Rampart Street, was a creative venue for well-known jazz musicians Buddy Bolden,John Robichaux and Bunk Johnson.


Fleur de Lis Glassware – Faget’sNew Orleans inspired Fleur de Lis design features double old fashion glasses and tumblers.

 Animal Cracker China – the launch of a new collection, Mignon Faget BABY.  BABY begins with a set of Animal CrackerChina made of Italian Ceramic with Platinum Luster Animal Crackers.  The set of china consists of a monkey cup, rabbit bowl and jungle plate.

LIGHTS – Mignon Faget takes three classic designs, Fleur de Lis, Bee and Crown, soft, aromatic accents for the home.

OPUS – OPUS begins with a composition of rings.  The ring is a circular and unending arrangement symbolizing unity and eternity, friendship and love.  Opus is created with custom cut stones and hand selected pearls, platinum-clad sterling and 14K gold.

OVO – A collection inspired by the simplicity and elegance of the egg shape. OVO features one of a kind hand-blown Venetian glass pendants in vibrant colors and textures.

Confetti Hearts – A collection of layered hand-blown Venetian glass hearts.  Inspired by her Carnevale Collection, Faget created these hearts to celebrate the romance and spirit ofVenice.  The hearts are designed in a necklace of freshwater pearls with garnet and aventurine accents or on a pearled organza ribbon.

Streamer Hearts – A collection of hand-blown glass hearts with colorful streamers and gold or platinum leaf.  Streamer Hearts are also part of the Carnevale Collection.

AdornAment 2001– the ninth in a series of wearable Christmas ornaments celebrating the historic preservation of New Orleans.

Fleur de Lis AdornAment – The symbol ofNew Orleans as a wearable Christmas ornament.

Freedom Star AdornAment – A wearable Christmas ornament in recognition of our nation’s unity.



Orb Amulet – A collection that continues the investigation of time and space, spiritual instruments embedded with symbols. The Amulets represent the weekday heptagram in which each planet corresponds to one of the seven weekdays.  The collection features earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and a key chain.

Carnevale – A collection of jewelry inspired by the spirit ofVenice.  The collection features necklaces and bracelets of Venetian hand-blown glass and glass beads.

 AdornAment 2000 – the eighth in a series of wearable Christmas ornaments celebrating the historic preservation ofNew Orleans.  AdornAment 2000 replicates the entrance to theGeorgian–style mansion which was the home of the PRC for over twenty-five years.  Originally known as “Julia Row”, the thirteen buildings constitute the only row of its size and period left inNew Orleans.  For the fifth consecutive year, AdornAment 2000 pays tribute to the PreservationResourceCenter and its programs.


Orb – A collection of jewelry based on the attributes of space and celestial associations.  Faget’s creation of eight planets—each a sphere of gemstone or mineral chosen to relate to the planets in coloration or character.   Polished gold or silver is stamped with symbols that correspond to the seven-day week heptagram and to the astrological signs.  The collection includes pendants, earlocks, rings, cuffs, glassware and candles.

Millennium Crystal – In celebration of the millennium this sparkling crystal collection features a champagne flute and chalice, hurricane shade, frosted plate and fragrant candles.

Rosa Pendulina – A collection of jewelry highlighting the subtle resilience of the rose.  The collection of jewelry features necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and a pin.

AdornAment 1999 – the seventh in a series of wearable Christmas ornaments celebrating historic preservation in New Orleans.  The cast-iron ornamentation from The Leeds-Davis building, a James Gallier, Jr. design, was the inspiration for AdornAment 1999.  For the fourth consecutive year, AdornAment 1999 pays tribute to thePreservationResourceCenter and its programs.



Millennium – A collection of jewelry to celebrate the advent of the year 2000.  The Millennium Collection features a ring, collars, pendants, earrings, bracelets and glassware.

AdornAment 1998 – the sixth in a series of wearable Christmas ornaments celebrating historic preservation inNew Orleans.  The Creole cottage, the dominant housing style inNew Orleans during the early 1800s, inspired the 1998 AdornAment.  For the third consecutive year, AdornAment 1998 pays tribute to thePreservationResourceCenter and its programs.



Pylon – A collection of jewelry derived from the geometry of the pyramid.  The Pylon Collection features pendants, pins, stackable ringlets & bangles and a series of bracelets: the cuff, linked & mesh.

AdornAment 1997 – the fifth in a series of wearable Christmas ornaments celebrating historic preservation in New Orleans.  New Orleans’ rich collection of late 19th century shotgun houses inspired the 1997 Adornament.  AdornAment 1997 pays tribute to the Preservation Resource Center and its programs Operation Comeback, Live In A Landmark, and Christmas in October.



Fences – A collection of jewelry merging the two most evident interests of Mignon Faget’s design career, nature and architecture.  The Fences collection features extraordinary jewelry that is both bold and delicate, including a ring, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pins.

Banana Flower – A collection of jewelry focusing on the delicate bloom of the banana tree.  The collection includes pendants, earrings, bracelets and pearl lariats.

AdornAment 1996 – the fourth in a series of wearable Christmas ornaments celebrating historic preservation in New Orleans.  AdornAment 1996 is derived from the decorative ironwork found in The Catherine Club, an historic 1850’s Coliseum Square Italianate mansion designed by Henry Howard.  AdornAment  1996 pays tribute to the Preservation Resource Center and its programs Operation Comeback, Live In A Landmark, and Christmas in October.

Particles – A collection of jewelry incorporating designs from the past 25 years and using those designs in jewelry of delicate proportions.   Particles includes earlocks, bracelets, dangle earrings and beaded necklaces.



Talisman XXV – In celebration of twenty-five years of sterling design Mignon Faget introduces Talisman XXV.  This sterling silver collection includes necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and more in a stunningly original finish.

Meridian 2 – A collection of rings, bangles, earrings, pendants, bracelets and pins designed in sterling and 14K, featuring semi-precious colored stones.

 AdornAment 1995 – the third in a series of wearable Christmas Ornaments.  AdornAment 1995 celebrates twenty-five years of sterling designs for Mignon Faget.

Bees – A collection of whimsical bees in sterling silver and 14K gold featuring citrine cabochons.



Hard Hearts – A collection of jewelry transforming a classically soft symbol into a bold contemporary statement.

AdornAment 1994 – the second in a series of wearable Christmas ornaments celebrating historic preservation inNew Orleans.  AdornAment 1994 pays tribute to the Cabildo and the restoration of this historic site.

Collar Designs – Addition of Triglyph and Bull’s Eye collars to the Schema Collection and Sarracenia Collar to the Portafiori Collection.



Cruxx  – A collection of jewelry celebrating the crosses of historicNew Orleans cemeteries.  Cruxx includes pendant, earrings and necklaces.

AdornAment 1993 – the first in a series of wearable Christmas ornaments. AdornAment 1993 celebrates Gallier House, the historic French Quarter home of architect James Gallier, Jr.

AIDS Awareness Ribbon – Designed to recognize the fight against AIDS, 30% of all on-going sales are to be donated to the NO/AIDS Task Force.



Schema – A system of banding motifs that, when stacked, can recreate the profile of the column capital or base.  This collection transforms architectural detail into objects of personal adornment for men and women.

Gumbo China – the first of objects to adorn the home, Faget has designed a set of dinnerware featuring coral-red shrimp, fresh grey-blue crabs and pure white oysters mixed on fine Italian porcelain with gold trim.



Romanesque Return –  Patrick and Phyllis Taylor of Taylor Energy Company commissioned Mignon Faget to design and produce a collection of jewelry employing her interpretation of neo-romanesque architectural elements from the Henry Hobson Richardson library in New Orleans.  The restoration by Taylor Energy is a singular and outstanding contribution to the historic preservation in New Orleans.  The Romanesque Return collection was underwritten by Patrick and Phyllis Taylor.  The collection includes approximately sixty pieces executed in sterling silver, gold and vermeil with semi-precious stones.

Gulf Stream – A collection designed to celebrate marine conservation and the opening on the Aquarium of theAmericas inNew Orleans.



XX Talisman collection designed to commemorate Mignon Faget’s twenty years of design.

Portafiori collection designed.  Wearable sterling silver miniature vases.  Introduced at the New Orleans Museum of Art as a focal point of “Art in Bloom.”

Louisiana collection: King Cake Doll series designed.



Zea collection designed.  Zea, the generic name for corn, is the source of this group of jewelry based on two elements.  The first is the modular shape and the linking of the kernels; the second is the textural quality of the husk.  The collection was presented at an event honoring the Odyssey Ball of New Orleans Museum of Art.  The collection consists of fifty designs.

Louisiana collection. Pepper series designed.



Armament –  This collection developed duringMignon Faget’s study of botany and the thorns and spines of some plants developed during the phase called passive armament.



Colonnade, Reeded Banding, Meridian and Exotica collections designed.

Louisiana collection: Gumbo series designed.



Engraved Wave, Beaded Scarf, Banana Leaf and Shotgun House collections designed.



Bows, Carved Stone Flowers, Bleeding Heart and Fruit collections designed.



Talisman collection designed.

Sea collection interpreted in stone.



Scarab and Amulet collections designed.



Knot and Symmetry collections designed.



Animal Crackers collection designed.



Engraved Patterns collection designed.


Louisiana collection: Red Beans designed.


Sea collection designed.





Design of suede and chamois collection of clothing and accessories.



Design of women’s apparel collections made from original textile designs.



Design and execution of textile designs.