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Special Commission: Pascal’s Manale Restaurant


To celebrate their 100 year anniversary, beloved New Orleans restaurant Pascal’s Manale enlisted Mignon Faget to design a limited edition set of double old fashioned glassware.

Pascal’s Manale is one of only a handful of surviving New Orleans neighborhood restaurants. Established in 1913, Pascal’s Manale has gifted New Orleans with culinary Pascal-Manale_2dishes that rightly received local and national notoriety. Currently in the fourth generation of ownership, the restaurant still sits quaintly on its corner of Napoleon and Dryades reminding its neighbors of a quieter time in New Orleans History. Pascal’s Manale is home to the original BBQ Shrimp and still shucks raw oysters at its original Raw Oyster Bar. 100 years later, Pascal’s Manale is still held dear by its neighbors and friends and will always be the “Uptown Rendezvous.”


Be sure to stop by Pascal’s Manale to pick up a set of celebratory glassware!