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Staff Style Picks: Valentine’s Day

There is still time to find the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! To provide some inspiration, we asked our sales staff at the 3801 Magazine Street gallery for their top Valentine’s Day jewelry picks. Here is what they had to say…

Arianne Valentine's Day Post“I’d love to receive the Cupid’s Arrows Pin for Valentine’s Day! I’m not much of a heart girl and the arrow is a cute alternative- a Valentine’s Day symbol to wear throughout the year. The design is not necessarily sweet. You can style it to make it look a little tougher, kind of rocker chic!”

-Arianne, Sales Associate

Arianne Valentine's Day Close Up


Kelly Valentine's Day post

“I’m hoping to add a few Thorn Pendants to my growing collection. I love Mignon’s theory behind her Thorn designs- the wearer becomes the rose. It is such a romantic notion! I wear my Thorn Pendants on a chain and treat them as an “Add a pendant” collection. I like to get a thorn for special life moments or occasions to remember!”

-Kelly, Sales Associate

Kelly Valentine's Day Close Up


Leslie Valentine's Day“I love the Intaglio Heart Charm Bracelet. The bracelet is beautiful and Mignon’s inspiration behind the design is so meaningful.  The Intaglio Heart Charm Bracelet came out in 2005 which was a memorable year for the city of New Orleans. The design symbolizes recovery, endurance and love- it is a classic piece that every Mignon Faget collector should own.”

-Leslie, Direct Response + Customer Service Manager



Click through on the images below to shop the Staffer Style recommendations for Valentine’s Day or browse Mignon Faget’s Heart designs.

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