2010 Gulf Coast Restoration

Gulf Coast Restoration

Mignon launched the Gulf Coast collection reflecting her dedication to preservation and conservation. She drew attention to the devastation caused by the oil spill through marine-inspired jewelry placed on black ribbons in the tradition of mourning jewelry.


1990 Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream

After Sea, Faget continued her series of underwater creatures in Gulf Stream, a collection of red fish, speckled trout, yellow fin tuna…caught on the end of a hook and in sterling or gold.  This collection was designed to celebrate marine conservation and the opening of the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans. Gulf Stream is focused around fish that are indigenous to the southern waters of the United States.


1970 Sea


Throughout her life Mignon collected shells from frequent trips to the Gulf Coast and the eastern seaboard.  She explored and translated many of these specimens into metal jewelry designs in her first collection: Sea.  “Sea was an experiment.  The creations are bold and elegant in their simplicity.  When a form is transferred from its natural material into another material qualities remain, new qualities are adopted.  This marriage produces a particular vitality, central to my conception.” Mignon continues to draw upon the physical beauty of her environment for inspiration, specifically the teeming life along the Mississippi River, in South Louisiana’s inlets and marshes, and in the Gulf of Mexico. Shop Collection