2011 Hive


The Hive Collection is a study of nature’s starkly geometric honeycomb pattern and a nod to the industrious nature of the bee.  Hive features a simplistic distilling of the honeycomb pattern, softened with accents of honey crystal, freshwater pearl and silk ribbon.  Throughout her career, Faget has looked to forms found in nature for inspiration. “As HIVE evolved I started to comprehend how the transference to silver and gold informed and enhanced this ordered hexagonal form…” Faget says. Shop Collection


2008 Bamboo


Bamboo, one of the world’s fastest growing woody plants, is abundant not only in Louisiana but also in Mignon’s garden. Today the plant enjoys new-found respect as an environmentally sustainable product used in textiles and building materials. In Bamboo, Mignon focuses on the plant’s node as its essential element of strength and energy.  Bamboo pays homage to this giant grass for its expression of peace, serenity and persistence.


1996 Fences


Intrigued by the idea of defining space and dominion and marking off what is yours, Mignon found a fascination in the split-rail fence.  In Fences, Mignon created a module of studded, textural posts, executed in sterling silver, to give the appearance of the type of uneven hand-constructed fences seen across America. To further this impression, she lashed the metal components with strips of suede in her bracelets and necklaces. Mignon designed a special “Baton Rouge” Red Stick for the opening of her Baton Rouge gallery. Shop Collection


1988 Zea


A colloquium including a trip to Yucatan sparked  interest in corn, the grain of the new world.  In Zea, Mignon celebrates the physical characteristics of corn, the grain of the new world.  Mignon designed Zea using Mayan nomenclature for names in this large body of work latent with strong ritualistic overtones, focusing on the plant’s individual kernel and its textural husk, or “holoch” in the Mayan language.