1976 Knots


Mignon was inspired by the ancient sailors’ craft of knot making in her 1976 Knots collection.  “The knot is a richly symbolic form with endless possibilities. As I began to work with this group of pieces, I was fascinated by the flow and feel of fabric, the tension created when it was pulled taut, wrapped tightly. Then translated into metals, these forms take on special fascination – a kind of frozen energy. The knot form becomes a ring or a bracelet, there is a magic effect of wrapping the body.”

For her Five-Knot Cuff, Faget dipped strips of cloth into wax and then wound the strips around a mandrel. The result was a highly textural cuff—her most sculptural piece—that retained the original appearance of the cloth. Shop Collection


1975 Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers

Mignon presented her whimsical Animal Crackers in 1975. This collection, inspired by the boxes of popular animal cracker cookies. Mignon notes, “Humor, whimsy, childhood nostalgia motivated my Animal Cracker designs.  With the animal crackers, my aim has been to best express each animal in terms of a certain naïve simplicity and humor.” Shop Collection


1973 Louisiana


The Louisiana collection began in 1973 with the introduction of the red bean.  Louisiana captures what is unique to the environment and transforms these treasures into objects of adornment.  Many of the designs relate to Louisiana’s food, culture, and ambiance. Shop Collection



In 1971 Mignon established a studio in Uptown New Orleans in half of a double-cottage at 714 Dublin Street. She and artist Tim Trapolin painted a colorful countryside landscape on half of the house. The space quickly became too cramped to support her growing business.  In 1973 Faget relocated to a house next door at 710 Dublin, where she established her atelier-styled venture with a shop downstairs and a workshop upstairs.