The Sketch

An idea is sketched out by Mignon and her Research & Development team.  Sometimes it is put on paper.  Sometimes it is fabricated with actual objects: leaves, ribbons, seashells, branches… the subject dictates the process.


Final Product

Hand-finishing, patina, buffing, beading…

Every design is different and every design is hand-finished in accordance with the artist’s specifications.

Extra special care is taken so that details are not lost by over filing or buffing. The details of a design are brought out with patina, oxidation of the metal to show the detail of the design.  This use of patina is a mark of Mignon Faget.

Pieces are buffed to perfection, beads are hand strung for necklaces and bracelets.  And each and every piece is carefully examined to assure that it meets Mignon Faget, Ltd.’s high quality standards, deserving of the Mignon Faget mark or signature.