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Chalcedony: Links to the Past

Chalcedony, a form of microcrystalline Quartz, comes in many forms that are better known by names such as Jasper, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Onyx, and Agate. Jewelers and gemologists tend to use the name Chalcedony to refer to the pale, grayish blue variety. It is commonly mined in Turkey, Africa, and the United States.This milky, semi-translucent stone has been used as an adornment for many millennia, but is soaring in popularity today.

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In ancient Mesopotamia, Chalcedony was used to create beautiful, yet functional seals. Many seals were thought to have been set in metal as a pendant or ring, while cylinder seals may have originated as beads.


Mignon Faget loves to use the semi-precious stone Chalcedony in her jewelry. Its waxy luster catches light in a way that makes the stone seem to glow from within. Mignon features Chalcedony in many designs from her Ironworks collection and in her newest collection, Hardwear.

MARCELLINO II JEWELED CUFF from the Ironworks Collection

CHAIN LINK CUFF WIDE from the Hardwear Collection

Chalcedony’s soft blue hue and diaphanous appearance provides an elegant contrast to the bright, reflective shine of the Sterling Silver.  See it yourself at one of our five Mignon Faget galleries.